Fwd: Love THEM Donkeys


Mr_Creosote said...

Can you say "Projection", teabaggers?

Anonymous said...

Let's just chuck the DNC out the nearest window.

Liberals do promote diversity, are very tolerant (we have to put up with you guys), we include everyone, and we are pretty accepting. In other words, the exact opposite of conservatives.

Abortion is a choice and a very private matter. But you've chosen to weaponize it, not us.

Anonymous said...

And? Yes, the Democratic party is pro choice. So are the majority of Americans. Anti-choice people can absolutely choose to be Democrats, they just better know that on that issue they'll be in the minority on that issue. This is not uncommon and happens for lots of people on many different issues, that's part of being in a political party.

The thing about all this whining about "tolerating my intolerance" is an explanation of WHAT exactly is being asked for. Should the Democratic party drop its support of Roe v Wade? Sorry, ain't gonna happen. Should it work with Republicans to take live saving health care money away from Planned Parenthood? No way.

What exactly do they want? A pat on the head and acknowledgement of how brave and special they are for being "pro life"?

ferschitz said...

While I dislike the DNC, this particular piece of propaganda has nothing to do with them.

Classic rightwing projection of their attitudes towards the Libtards.

I know plenty of D voters who do not believe that a woman should have an abortion, but they grant her the right to choose under the law.

It's Republicans who are intolerant in this regard. Their whole party structure is based on the notion that anyone who believes in a woman's right to choose - which is legal - needs to STFU and get out.

Typical rightwing projection propaganda.

Anonymous said...

There are quite a few prominent pro-life Democrats. I believe Tim Kaine is one and he certainly isn't excluded from the party. He has said he is against abortion in his personal life. Oh, you must be referring to the state-imposed forced pregnancy brand of pro-lifers. Yeah, those people can totally suck it.

Sopermon said...

Tim Kaine on abortion.


CharlieE said...

"Your acceptance of our pro-choice agenda is mandatory."

Yep. You're free to choose. You're even free to choose to carry to term.

Sorry to give you the choice, rather than having the Nanny State make a decision for you, but that's what freedom is about.

Some people value such things.

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