Anonymous said...

You know, if the corporations, billionaires, and now the partisan churches paid their taxes, you wouldn't be hit with all this nickel and dime shit, rightwing dad.

Taxes pay for services, infrastructure, and the military.

The money's got to come from somewhere. And if those cheap fuckers refuse to pay, better believe that YOU WILL.

delagar said...

What Anonymous said. We're a major country -- a huge country -- with major infrastructure needs, a giant agricultural system, and thousands and thousands of injured veterans we created in our useless wars who need help. That's besides vital medical research and a vastly underfunded education system that anyone with any sense knows we need to support.

Besides this, we have the largest military in the world.

Someone has to pay for all that. Trump and the rest of the GOP are making it clear they don't think the people who have profited off the country -- the 1% -- should pay *their* share.

So who does RWD think that leaves?

CharlieE said...

In the Republicans' dream world of rainbows and unicorns, everyone has a mansion, everyone has good schools, everyone has good roads, everyone has good healthcare, and we have the world's most powerful and feared army.

...and all of it is free, courtesy of the Infrastructure Fairy.

Mr_Creosote said...

This is a perfect example of the 1-percent trying to get the 99-percent to bark up the wrong tree, and also to try to get the working class to conflate their interests with that of the one-percenters, via crocodile tears shed by the latter. As it is, corporate coffers are flush with cash thanks to race-to-the-bottom labor arbitrage, and ( yet more ) tax cuts for the top rate. Also so many loopholes exist that the corporate tax rates are effectively zero.

A perfect analogy, one I wish I could claim as my own but alas it's not is, was created for this dynamic. Goes something like this:

A CEO, a working stiff, and a government employee ( also a working stiff ) sit 'round a table with a plate of 12 cookies on it. The CEO grabbed 11 of them, the working stiff got one. The CEO murmurs to the working stiff as he points to the gov't employee "Better watch out for him, he wants a piece of your cookie".

ferschitz said...

Good comments and accurate.

This political propaganda brought to you a shill for the 1%. It's actually accurate because RWD - and the rest of us schmos in the 99% - are the SAPS who are bled dry by the corporations, the Military Indusrtial Complex and the 1% to support their ever wealthier lives.

They are laughing the azzes off that RWD would look at this propaganda and somehow infer that his wealthy overlords should pay yet less taxes because it's so onerous for the Overlords.

Yes, RWD, are are SAP for falling the clearly debunked Trickle Down Economics over and over and over and over... until it literally kills you (and then your Overlords are doubly laughing: one less uesless mouth to feed).


Anonymous said...

This is a republic. You cut back on federal, state, and municipal government, you are left with a police-state style dictatorship. Is that really what you want?

I suspect that it is.

CharlieE said...


Apparently, it is what RWD wants, as that's what he voted to elect.

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