Fwd: Berkeley Idiots


Sopermon said...

Pretty much on point, unfortunately.

Double standards loom large @ Berkeley.

A. Coulter

Anonymous said...


Conservatives don't give two shits about free speech or double standards (let alone facts and actual meaningful discussion). The only reason idiots like Coulter and Milo try to speak at Berkeley is to incite a reaction so they can then play the victim card. Grow the fuck up snowflakes.

delagar said...

All we hear from the Right is this shrieking about how these kids today won't allow Far-Right speakers to speak on their campuses. Why oh why won't these kids today just understand that they need to listen to Nazis, rape apologists, and white supremacists with an open mind?

Meanwhile, they ignore those with real power -- Congressmen, the 1%, and their current leader, Trump -- who eliminating the right to protest, obstructing the right of reporters and journalists to investigate their actions, and putting those who do object to their behavior in prison.

Yeah, it's the students at Berkeley we need to worry about. Pull the other one.

ferschitz said...

delagar makes a very good point about whom we should have concern.

This cartoon, as usual, extremely simplifies what is, in fact, a much more complex situation. I can mainly speak about the protests against Milo's talk at UC Davis and UC Berkeley and this somewhat more recent situation with Coulter at Berkeley.

In the case of Milo, both venues experienced violent protests, but it's believed that the violence was initiated by outside agitators, not by the students who were protesting - as is their right - peacefully. The media, of course, over-hyped the violence. It wasn't a good thing, but it wasn't nearly as bad as was depicted. And of course, in the main the finger was pointed at the students as if they were so incredibly intolerant blah blah blah... which was not the case, really. Yes, some students protested Milo's speeches? So? Most students, though, were not objecting to Milo giving a talk on their campus. In fact, the students agreed with the free speech rights of know pederast Milo to spew his Hate Speech. The students were simply protesting his Hate Speech.

But the media doesn't paint it that way, does it? No we hear about special snowflakes on the left who are violently trying to "prevent" so-called "conservatives" from speaking on their campus. No, that's NOT what happened.

Vis Coulter: due to outside agitators who caused violence during the Milo protests at Berkeley, the ADMINISTRATION (not the students) chose to reschedule Coulter's talk to a time that they believed they could provide more security. That's their right. They were doing their JOB.

However, Coulter - fame/ratings whore that she is - immediatly LIED and said that Berkeley was "preventing" her from giving her talk, and it was all the special snowflake leftist students who were against her rights of free speech blah blah... and she threatened to sue (don't know if she did or not) and REFUSED to give her talk on the alternate date provided by Berkeley. Did you know that RWD??? That your heroine, Coulter, could have given her talk, but she refused to do so. Did Fox and Rush inform you about that?? Who's the special snowflake now?

Frankly, an equally simplistic cartoon could be created that shows Coulter in the baby high chair throwing a hissy fit about so-called liberal speech or something.

The students at Berkeley mostly had no intention of attending Coulter's Hate Speech, but many who were interviewed there said that she should come and give her talk to whomever chose to show up. Frankly most of the students didn't really give a crap about Coulter. They were more upset over Milo, and as history has proven, they had Good Cause to be upset over Milo being given a podium to spew his perverted, twisted, sick, depraved ideas.

IMO, RWD is always the special snowflake crying and shrieking in his high chair because Fox and Hate Radio have duly lied him into believing that somehow all the Libtards are forcing him not to get HIS WAY.

Grow up, RWD, and attempt to educate yourself to what's really going on, as delagar says.

CharlieE said...

I'd like to see a list of liberal speakers who have been invited to speak and have spoken at:

Liberty University
Bob Jones University
Oral Roberts University
Brigham Young University

It's probably a long list, amirite?

Hooray4US said...

Oh FFS. Good comments.

This particular piece of rightwing propaganda drivel is, indeed, simplistic and quite a false picture of what really happened.

Anyone who feels sorry for someone as venal and disgusting as parasitical attention-whore Coulter is a chump.

BTW Coulter's ghost writer "wrote" a "book" sucking up to Trump (in order for Coulter & the ghost "writer" to make money off of his Presidency), but when Trump back peddled a bit on immigration, lying Ann Couter immediately began dissing her former "Hero."

Tell me, RWD: did you agree with Coulter's "free speech" at that point? Which way does the wind blow for you? Stand by Trump, no matter what, or vacilate like Coulter does, depending on who's gonna give her the biggest payola at any given moment??

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