Fwd: FW: She lives next door to a mosque.

Subject: FW: She lives next door to a mosque.

For dog lovers everywhere. Notice the camera shaking because the owner is laughing so hard. 
She lives next door to a mosque. 
She bought a husky.
He is very nice and does not bite.
She is now getting complaints from the imam next door.
She doesn't know why?


Anonymous said...

What is this, fucking Dick and Jane?

Well, for RWD, this is the equivalent of Immanuel Kant.

Agent86 said...

I don't see the humor...pretty lame IMO. Hell, I can make my dogs howl too on demand by making certain sounds, it's a natural reaction. Besides RWD should be all to familiar with dog whistles and Pavlovian responses. Benghazi!!!!!


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