Fwd: FW: Discipline in the Chinese Army

Subject: FW: Discipline in the Chinese Army
​                                   DISCIPLINE IN THE CHINESE ARMY​




Anonymous said...

Ok... and?

gruaud said...

I don't get it, either.

Are we to be afraid of their discipline or applaud it?

Since it's Right Wing Dad, I'll go with fear.

CharlieE said...

First a love of Putin, and then RWD hints that he admires the Chinese.

But Republicans call Democrats Communists...

ferschitz said...

Republicans call Democrats traitors, say we aren't patriots, and they demand that the presumptive Democratic nominee be summarily executed without a trial.

But they are YUUUUGE authoritarians and love 'em some dictators the bestest. Next we'll get photos of the "discipline" exhibited by North Korea's troops for all to admire and fap over, plus fap photos of Kim Jong-Un. I hear Kim has short fingers, too, and he can be quite vulgar. Just the thing for the gormless GOP dittoheads to slaver at.

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