He  makes reference to the
muslim  kid that took
   a clock he made to school and they thought it was a bomb
and our president
   made a big deal about it,like there are no more
important things to worry
   about,but was a MUSLIM kid

     Thought  you might want to hear this short speech…


Anonymous said...

Standard wingnut whining. "Obama does X, but he doesn't do Y (even though he probably does do Y sometimes), therefore he's anti-American or something".

Hey wingnuts, did any other president call or visit every war widow? Did W? Did he invite to the White House all the families of those he sent to Iraq to die?

ferschitz said...

Can't be bothered to watch. More wingnut victimizing and whining. Tedious. Thankfully I have a life.

CharlieE said...

It's titled "A message to Obama," and it's directed at the President personally.

Because the President of the United States has nothing better to do with his time than to search YouTube to see if anyone has anything to say to him.

Then, the guy goes on to repeatedly address the President as "asshole" and "motherfucker." Yes, that's a way to persuade the leader of the free world to see your point of view.

Anonymous said...

You throw a few 'motherfuckers' in a one-sided video harangue and you're practically Clint Eastwood.

Hooray4US said...

I blame the Koch brothers - really. The Kochs paid a lot of money - well, chump change for them - to astro-turf the Tea Bagger Party. Remember back in 2009 how the Kochs paid them - yes sometimes paid them walking around money - to be bused to Town Halls, where they were encouraged to rant, tirade, throw temper tantrums, etc, because a Blah had been elected? Basically, that's what that was all about: How DARE a "N" word be in MY White House!!11!! Aiiieeee, I want MY Country BACK!!!111!!!

They never let up. Contstant whining, kvetching, pissing and moaning about how horrible Obama is because he's Black. That's it.

I'm not a huge fan of Obama, but what these conservatards beef about is a big fat nothing, except that they're bigoted racist sexist homophobic white supremacist assholes who hate it that a Blah is President.

So tired of their entitled immaturity, to put it nicely.

Mike Hawk said...

Not once, in this video, did I hear this gentleman "moan and bitch" that Obama is "BLACK".

Did you, Horray4US??? If so, you must've heard a different video than I.

Seems to me that YOU are the only racist that brings up that Obama is Black in your above comment.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm....Projection, much?

What a Weenie....a liberal weenie you are, my man!

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk said...

27 June, 2016 17:28

@ CharlieE:

CharlieE writes:

"It is illegal. That doesn't mean that no one does it. I don't believe for a minute that every single person in American who carries a concealed weapon turns around at the door when they see that they're entering a gun-free zone."

So CharlieE......you basically reinforce my "theory" about gun control.

What a dumb ass! lol

Time for another "brain washing" for you....time for another enema!

Get in line, though, I'm working on Hooray4US right now....

Mike Hawk

CharlieE said...

@Mike Hawk

OK, I'll bite. What's your "theory"? A theory is an idea that has been tested thoroughly and demonstrated to be true. It's both repeatable and falsifiable.

I do have a theory about gun control that meets those criteria - most of the civilized nations of the world employ gun control and mass shootings are virtually nonexistent in those countries.

Your theory, I suspect, is simply a notion or a wild-ass idea. But we'd all love to see what you have to say, provided, of course, that you can manage to type it without resorting to the usual third grade name calling.

Bring it on, cowboy.

Mike Hawk said...

Here ya go "cowboy" CharlieE:


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