Fw: truck leaving DC

date: 16 November 2014 16:42
subject: Fw: truck leaving DC



CharlieE said...

The Republicans, by abusing the filibuster, have been running the government in a de facto sense since 2009. I don't see any changes coming anytime soon...

...unless, of course, President Obama decides to take his tendency to compromise a bit further by refusing to veto whatever legislation the Republicans should pass.

On the bright side, demographics suggest that it's pretty unlikely we'll see an elephant in the White House anytime soon.

gruaud said...

A truck full of blue dogs with their tails between their legs is far more appropriate.

When democrats champion progressive causes, they win. When they run away from their base, they get clobbered.

It's pretty simple, you DCCC assholes.

ferschitz said...

Unfairly compares very cute donkeys to nasty Blue Dog Dems, who got their @sses rightfully handed to them by very dissatisfied voters, who realize that the jackasses simply aren't interested in representing their constituents in the 99%. No sympathy from me, who rarely ever votes for a D-Branch pol, except maybe at State or local level.

If rightwingers had a half a brain, they'll hold their R-Branch pols to similar standards as D voters did.

Vote Third Party of any sort. Typically you can find some candidate who more truly represents your viewpoints and issues.

Anonymous said...

They couldn't even use a good old 'Ummerican' photo. Do they outsource everything?

(Look at the street sign and signs on the buildings.)

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