Fw: A Far Reaching Message In Only Five Words..

date: 9 November 2014 18:57
subject: Fw: A Far Reaching Message In Only Five Words..

(Note: You could add Crime, Drugs, Murder to the sign too.)


Anonymous said...

But don't forget, liberals are the REAl racists because (something something something)...

CharlieE said...

He's shown the birth certificate.
He's even shown the other one - you know - the one you guys insisted that he show.
Since Africa and Obama have nothing to do with one another, we'll have to just assume that you're all idiots.

ferschitz said...

Some say that both AIDs and Ebola could be manufactured diseases created to cut down the world's population of useless eaters beginning with Africa.

Far fetched? Tin foil hat time?

Probably but still possible. Check out Africom.

Duly noted how this rightwing forward plays into the 1%'s desired narrative of pitting the 99s against one another. Of course, it also tosses the usual red meat to the slavering racists who call themselves conservative.

InBurrito said...

All people - thanks africa.

M. Ray Crabbinson said...

At least whoever made the sign is honest.

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