FW: Obama is finally on a roll...

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Date: Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 1:57 PM
Subject: FW: Obama is finally on a roll...

After 6 years, he is finally on a roll - - - -


CharlieE said...

If Republicans would quit hyperventilating with hatred long enough to see what Barack Obama has actually done, or failed to do, in his six years of office, they'd likely be happy with the results.

It's Democrats and independents who are largely unhappy with his actions.

The Republicans, on the other hand, are simply angry with their imagined perception of him.

I'll say it again - If I were a Republican, I'd be demanding his face on Mt. Rushmore as thanks for all he's done for Republican interests over the past six years. We even got a raging stock market as a bonus, and you never get that from a Republican president.

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy do they love them some potty humor!

gruaud said...

Back when Bush the Lesser was president, every so often one would see a little yellow flag with his picture on it stuck in a pile of dogshit.

I remember reading that it drove police crazy.

ferschitz said...

As usual, all we see is boring, repetitive, puerile "humor" as some sort of sop to the giant humongous butt-hurt of racist conservatives who cannot get over the fact that their "candidates" lost.

I don't really give a sh*t (yeah: dumb) about Obama TP. If this is all it takes to make conservatives feel good or whatever... no wonder the country's in the toilet (yeah: dumb).

Per usual: just complaining, no solutions offered.

CharlieE said...


I don't any reason for the Republicans to offer solutions. Their plan of obstructing, complaining, and flat-out lying has worked pretty well for them so far. The public has rewarded them for their bad behavior by putting them in charge of Congress again.

It's a lot easier getting elected if you don't have to offer solutions. Bonus - if you don't run on anything, you can't be blamed for not getting it done.

ferschitz said...

Agree CharlieE, that is the R-Branch strategy. Offer no solutions and consistently whine, complain, vetch and moan.

Amusingly enough, there have been several letters to the editor in my local nooz paper written by citizens pointing out how tedious it is that the GOP ONLY complains and disses D's, while offering NO solutions.

At least others see this, but the R-constituents are happy to vote them back in to do.....???? Eff all, except bitch and moan about Obama... because he's blackity black black black BLACK!!!111!!

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