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Anonymous said...

The Clintons can change jobs, retire, and move on, but right-wingers can never let go over their bizarre hatred for a couple of thoroughly average middle-right Democrats.

LiberalGunner said...

Where did she get twinkles?

Marc with a C said...

I had no idea the Clintons had turned into Teahadists.

Although it does take a fair amount of cognitive dissonance to pivot from bitching about how Obama is too thin and Michelle is too fixated on our nation's unhealthy eating habits to...making fun of the Clintons by pretending they're fat.

gruaud said...

Projecting again, I see.

ferschitz said...

I know that Bubba used to have bad eating habits and was too heavy, but since his heart attack, he's become a vegan (I believe) and is quite slim. Hillary is certainly not heavy, either.

Agree with Gruaud: big FAT projection going on here.

I know that Rush & Glenn have well disciplined their Pavlovian dittoheads to reflexively hate on the Clintons just because, but I really don't "get" this depiction of them.

Teh stooopit, it burnz.

gruaud said...

Bill Clinton was VERY popular. That drives the wingnuts into batshit insane territory. Personally, I love it.

Bad news, confederates: A democrat will always be more popular with the general public no matter how much you gerrymander or suppress voters or strangle democracy. You desperately need the electoral college, because we ALWAYS win the popular vote, except in the confederacy.

And that's because we're the good guys and you are the fucking bad guys. And you KNOW IT. Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to say it, but there it is. Try and be decent, for a change.

snarla said...

Don't be too hard on the photoshoppers. They probably just started with a picture of themselves.

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