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Date: Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 8:52 AM
Subject: LETTER to the EDITOR

Let's look at what we have learned from this election: Twenty-one of 22 incumbent senators were re-elected, and 353 of 373 incumbent members of the House were re-elected. The American people have re-elected 94 percent of the incumbents who were running for re-election to an institution that has an approval rating of about 9 percent. This indicates, as an electorate, we are a nation of idiots. We're now stuck with the useless, dysfunctional government that we deserve.


Anonymous said...

So we've learned that, despite how terrible Congress is right now, nobody's insane enough to vote for the Tea Party lunatics trying to replace them.

Also that gerrymandering is alive and well.

gruaud said...

Hey PO'ed letter writer...I can understand your frustration, BUT:

Go talk to the Republicans.

At least the Democrats are trying to clean up the mess that Bush the Pea-brained made.

CharlieE said...

Don't blame me; I didn't vote for a single incumbent.

I emphatically did not vote to re-elect Senator-for-Life Orrin Hatch.

Jason D. Allison said...

Actually, The position status of Congress is very strong than Republican. So, do not need to be frustrated. Just wait & see what is gonna happen in the future.

Todd said...

If ether Bill or Hillary ran for President today; they would win by 20%.

They fear Hillary because she will be the next President

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