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Best condom ad!
Whether or not you personally believe in
birth control, one cannot argue with this


Anonymous said...

So now they're pro birth control? Make up your tiny, hateful, ignorance filled minds!

Anonymous said...

I don't think one of THOSE would have done it. Perhaps a trojan magnum...

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed by this one...surely they could have taken the joke just a little further, and worked in a direct reference to the evils of miscegenation?

I mean, as long as long as you're doing your best to get back to the good ol' 19th century, might as well go full steam ahead!

ferschitz said...

To first Anon: Tea Baggerz are only in favor of birth control for "others" who are scary scary booga booga monsters.

Got it?

Thx 4 Fish said...

The right is so desperate to control women's reproduction that I think they would be OK with birth control--IF they were the ones in the bedroom, applying the condom!

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