Fwd: Oh what fun bringeth "the Silly Season"

Subject: Fwd: Oh what fun bringeth "the Silly Season"


Anonymous said...

Must be nice when you can just make shit up and then put words in someone's mouth.

And yes, the private sector IS doing fine. Not amazing, not terrible, but fine. That's what "fine" means: could be better, could be worse. And that definitely applies to the private sector, which got the benefit of a huge government bailout, has had record profits, added millions of jobs, and is currently sitting on trillions in unspent cash which it refuses to invest in expansion because aggregate demand is being held back by public sector cutbacks that Rebublicans have forced.

CharlieE said...

Pity Obama didn't say it early and often.

More of a pity that he hasn't said it anywhere near as often as the Republicans would have you believe.

It is George W. Bush's fault, though blame for failure to fix it falls squarely on the Republicans in Congress, who block nearly all legislation from coming to a vote.

Sadly, Obama rarely blames them, either.

Anonymous said...

Mike Ramirez and Glenn McCoy have a special gift for making themselves look like jerks with their frothing, myopic cartoons, but I do have to point out that Glenn drew something resembling a caricature of the President here! Just look at that... thing Ramirez drew to see why I consider that "progress."

Thx 4 Fish said...

"The fundamentals of our economy are strong."
-George W. Bush 13 months before the biggest economic disaster in 50 years struck the financial world.

There is a difference between Bush's 'strong' and Obama's 'fine'. One based on a gut feeling and the other based on actual sciency-stuff called economic indicators.

gruaud said...

It most definitely IS Bush the Lesser's fault.


If you can't even understand the facts, then debate is impossible.

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