Fwd: Countries Which Offer Birthright Citizenship

Subject: Fwd: Countries Which Offer Birthright Citizenship

This is surely something we should give real serious thought to before we have nothing left to give !!!


1.  United States

That's right, every other modern developed nation in the world has gotten rid of birthright citizenship policies!  Yet during the last few months most of the U.S. news media and many politicians have ridiculed comments by other politicians that it is time for the U.S. to put an end to birthright citizenship for tourists and illegal aliens.

Folks, the U.S. stands alone.

There used to be all  kinds of developed countries that gave away their citizenship as freely as  we do in the U.S.  But one by one they all
have recognized the folly of that policy.


    *  Canada was the last  non-U.S ... holdout.  Illegal aliens stopped getting citizenship for their babies in 2009

    *  Australia's birthright  citizenship requirements are much more stringent than those of H.R. 1868 and took effect in 2007

    *  New  Zealand repealed in 2006

    *  Ireland repealed in 2005

    *  France repealed in 1993

    *  India repealed in 1987

    *  United  Kingdom repealed in 1983

    *  Portugal repealed in 1981

The United States is now the laughing stock of the modern world.

Only the U.S. values its citizenship so lowly as to distribute it
promiscuously to the off-spring of foreign citizens visiting Disney World on tourist visas  and to foreign citizens who have violated their promises on their visitor, work and student visas to stay illegally in the country, as well as to those who just plain sneak across our borders.

It's not just Mexico and South America who are sending illegals across our borders.  Currently, the CBP reports that of those apprehended
illegally crossing the border, China is number one.

Wake up America.

Illegal  aliens from China, India, Russia, the Middle East and a host of other  nations are flooding the country.  Ironically, some of these
illegals and/or their offspring are given positions at the front of the line
for Government jobs, contracts and assistance while the American worker seeking a job goes without.

Look around you! 

We are giving away our culture, and economic and fiscal strength because our borders are not secure and we bestow citizenship irresponsibly.

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Anonymous said...

Y'know, other countries got rid of their free-market, for-profit health care industries, too. Are we allowed to care about what other countries do now?

Anonymous said...

The first glaring error here is that there are about 30 nations that still allow birthright citizenship. The "..." in the sentence about Canada is omitting "developed nation," which tries to dodge countries like Brazil.

More importantly, I'm really not sure the bit about Canada is true. The bill in 2009, C-37, doesn't appear to say anything about children born on Canadian soil. It's entirely about people born to legal residents who become citizens or to citizens living abroad.

I also can't find the CBP report the e-mail refers to. Here's a Homeland Security report from last year that places China 5th, behind Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

gruaud said...

"Ironically, some of these illegals and/or their offspring are given positions at the front of the line for Government jobs, contracts and assistance while the American worker seeking a job goes without."

That is utter bullshit.

I think conservatives lie so reflexively because our chickenshit media just refuse to call any of them on it. I've seen pundits toss out immense whoppers and the interviewer either nods or tosses another underhanded softball.

It's one reason why I turned of my TV.

CharlieE said...

There ought to be a rule that says that anytime a RWF contains the word "illegal", it must be replaced by the word "Mexican."

Because that's what the people who write these things really mean. Nobody cares about Canadian anchor babies.

Personally, I think anyone ought to be able to live anywhere they like, which i regard as a conservative point of view. But Republicans, with their love of big, liberal, nanny state government, have to meddle with everything.

angrycrank said...

The part about Canada is NOT true. If you're born on Canadian soil, you're Canadian, period. Your parents' status is wholly irrelevant The 2009 changes concerned the ability of people who are born outside Canada to Canadian citizens to pass on citizenship to their own children.

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