Fw: This is our intelligent and erudite president at his best.

Subject: This is our intelligent and erudite president at his best.
This is our intelligent and erudite president at his best.

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Anonymous said...

Saving you the click:

8 minutes of Obama stuttering, misspeaking, bumping his head on the helicopter door and the like. Basically, just everyday human mistakes that any among us would make just as much, if not more, living under the world's microscope. Just ask GWB.

ferschitz said...

A collection of Barry O's mistakes? Oh the humanity.

Let's see if a collection of Bush the Dumber's mistakes is longer or shorter?

I'm betting on the former... but hey, don't let reality & facts intrude on your rightwing fantasies.

Dummy said...

Just in case your memory fails you.


Thx 4 Fish said...

I fondly remember the ribbing President Ford took for his legendary clumsiness. And I always laugh at clumsy bloopers. But this intro and epic-disaster sound track voids any humor there might be in the President's gaffe's and missteps and turns it into a warning of the end of the world. Humorless righties really know how to take the joy out of life.

Hooray4US said...

Gerald Ford? And how 'bout the classic Chevy Chase imitations on SNL? Most of all of done with tongue in cheek and not the level of nastiness on display here.


Too bad.

gruaud said...

Show me your very best GOP candidates very best moments and they will still be 100 light years behind Obama's worst moments.

And that irks the LIVING HELL out of you.

I find that endlessly amusing.

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