FW: Amnstey For Votes

Subject: Amnstey For Votes

This guy will do anything for a Latino vote! 


Anonymous said...

Well that didn't take long.

I do wonder how all these potential work permit recipients are supposed to vote, since, you know, they can't. But why let logic get in the way of a good wingnut conspiracy theory?

ferschitz said...

The rightwing is just jealous on this one. It's not that much different from what GW Bush proposed, but Bush was shot down by conservatives.

Of course, I've long said that Obama's presidency is just the third term of Bush the dumber. Here's yet another proof.

gruaud said...

I was reading the 'How old is grandma' thread that Iefan resurrected (an e-mail legend of old fuddy-duddy misinformation and pigheaded self righteousness) and I notice that there is an ebb and flow of regular commenters.

I think this is because people eventually get fed up with the stupidity and viciousness that is as ceaseless and repetitive as the tide.

Also, Branco sucks donkey balls.

Thx 4 Fish said...

This isn't important, but it would take a miniscule effort for rightwingers to change the misspelling that is the subject line for this email before they pass it on (twice!). Does no one take any personal responsibility for any of content of the junk they pass on?

Anonymous said...

If that won't work try the queer card.

Anonymous said...

If that won't work try the queer card.

Racist and homophobic in just 7 words? Impressive.

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