FWD: Burger King in Detroit

Sent: Sunday, September 18, 2011 7:59 PM
Subject: Burger King in Detroit


Burger King in Detroit   Proof that the Detroit school system works! 

   We wonder how Obama got elected? Enough said.  


gruaud said...

Yeah, everyone knows 'meet' is actually 'mete'.

Anonymous said...

Poorly-spelled signs, you say?

Ken said...

Actually it looks more like the legacy of no child left behind.

ferschitz said...

No doubt similar mis-spellings of signs occurred under GW Bush (and all other presidents) and his wonderous NCLB. I'm sure racist conservatives found a different "theme" for why that happened under a so-called "Republican" president.

Besides which, how is Obama responsible for this mis-spelling? Knock, knock, yoo hoo: Obama is NOT the school teacher that this person had growing up.


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