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Soar Ashold said...

Hmmm. I wonder if the children are left dimeless because dimwit spent all our treasure looking for WMD's that didn't exist?

Anonymous said...

That's it? Not even a single sentence of explanation?

Here's a chart of Bush's and Obama's overall effect on the deficit. You decide which one hurt our children more.

No Child Left Behind was mostly an unfunded mandate to crush public schools under unrealistic test requirements and shut them down when they couldn't keep up.

Obama spent a lot of money on stimulus and tax cuts at the height of the financial crisis to keep the country running. Now all of his stimulus measures can be paid for by closing tax loopholes, but Republicans never consider the cost of lowering taxes on the upper class.

gruaud said...

Note to conservatives:

Your taxes are lower under Obama.

NCLB pretty much destroyed public education in this country and, by any measure, is a catastrophic failure. The only question remaining was whether it was malicious intent or just incompetence.

I think we all know the answer to that one.

LiberalGunner said...

I am an educator NCLB was the biggest joke ever put down on paper.

CharlieE said...

My wife, a schoolteacher, had a bumper sticker that read "No Child Left a Dime" during the Bush administration.

Thx 4 Fish said...

The NCLB required that by 2014 all children in school be grade-level proficient in reading. With new cases of dyslexia being identified every day-this was patently absurd! and the only proof I need that NCLB was meant to destroy. I mourn the fact that my kids were educated under this system.

ferschitz said...

NCLB is part of the concerted rightwing effort to dumb down USA education. A poorly educated (and/or uneducated) populace are much more easily brainwashed and led around by the nose.

No love lost on my part vis Obama. I kind of agree: No Child Left a Dime bc of his egregious spending on War, Inc. How many wars are we engaged in at this time??? Quite a few. Quite a lot of money mis-spent on killing foreigners, rather than educating our populace. Leon Panetta is currently running around pandering to the MIC saying that Team USA HAS TO spend more on War, Inc than the budgets of almost any six other countries' budgets combined.

NeoCon/NeoLib?? All the same. Bush & Obama have both contributed to the ruination of this once-great nation. But NCLB is an abomination and nothing to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Valeyard said,
Here's a chart of Bush's and Obama's overall effect on the deficit. You decide which one hurt our children more.

They have both hurt our children!


This link shows how badly they both have done.

President Bush started things... And now President Obama has made it worse. Much worse.
Good job Progressives… (why don’t you accept some of the blame?)
In fact, you guys have made it much much worse.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good job Progressives… (why don’t you accept some of the blame?)

Because there aren't any progressives left in government.

But seriously, I love how the Heritage Foundation can always twist hard facts to suit their agenda. Yes, Medicare is the biggest problem facing the federal budget in the long term. It's been a storm on the horizon for decades. But who blocked any attempt at serious medical reform the past three years?

(Well, both parties, since neither is "progressive" anymore, but Republicans were the ones throwing the tantrum.)

The key point that Heritage article leaves out is the devastating, utterly irrational "must cut all taxes forever" strategy Republicans -- and Obama! -- have been following.

Don't just take Heritage's word for it. Here's the actual CBO long-term budget report from last year. Check out Figure 1-1 on page 5.

What does that chart mean? It's the effect of continuing the Bush tax cuts forever, like Republicans want. Without them, the national budget stays pretty much stable (yet still quite expensive) for the next 30 years. But with the Bush tax cuts, it is impossible for us to balance the budget without shutting down Medicare and possibly Social Security or most of Defense.

That's the difference -- Democrats are lazy, corrupt politicians who don't care enough about fixing the nation's biggest problems. Republicans are lazy, corrupt politicians who don't care AND can't understand basic math.

ferschitz said...

To the Anon Conservative writer above: why don't you try reading my post that's like, uh, just above your post, where I state that Obama has done a horrid job.

If you could get out of your waaaaahmbulance for a second and stop your incessant conservative victimizing you might buy a clue that a LOT of citizens who traditionally vote "Democratic" are less than enchanted with Obama and/or with just about anyone with a "D" beside their name in the House or Senate.

Try figuring out what's going on with OWS... mostly frustated Demcratic voters and/or progressives & liberals.

Here's another hint (which I've stated often enough on various posts on this blog): there's precious little difference between Ds & Rs these days. It's an old paradigm. There is only one Oligarchy party with putatively "two" branches. The designation "D" and "R" is used to cleverly pit the 99% against one another to our detriment, but to the enhancement & enrichment of the 1%.

I've long said that the Obama Admin is nothing more or less than the W Admin III.

Many progressives feel that way. We progressives did not "fail." The bitter failure is that of citizens occupying the 99% permitting themselves to be hosed by the 1% based on petty team rivalry politics.

Come join us over here, Anon-conservative, YOU and I have much more in common than you do with your mega-rich oppressors.

Good luck.

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