MAIL CALL! Would you date/befriend a right-wing forwarder?

Here's a funny story from MRWD reader Jane. If you are a right-winger in a new relationship, when is the proper time to start emailing forwards?

"Not too very long ago a ?gentleman? began visiting me at the retail shop
where i work (slow out here in retail-land, lots of time to chat)
local guy, bright, funny, though my political opposite. one thing led
to another and we exchanged email addresses.... before very long
he began forwarding me this truly shockingly ignorant right wing stuff
(naive of me, i know). i would duly look them up at snopes/urban legend
and zing them right back at him.

Needless to say this budding relationship didn't get
off the ground (Hello, dude! ....what's a bright guy like you doing
watching fox news and reading such gossipy garbage .... )

I've deleted them all and the guy who was sending them to me,too, lol ....

Thanks for the chuckle,


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