Article Link: Blowback from the GOP's holy war

I submit for your morning reading: A feature article on that describes the GOP's presidential candidate's reliance on a "bitter legacy of sloganeering against Muslims" as a bad move. It turns out the use of scary-Muslim fear mongering isn't so fashionable today. Strange. I wonder how this will influence the forward front.

Any ideas on a replacement fear? Type one up. Click the "comments" link below. Here's mine: Look out, America, for the terror threat of the homosexual sleep over cells is nigh!!

From Salon: "The American public, worried about mortgages, recession and a seemingly interminable war in Iraq, was unimpressed -- those who fear-mongered the most about Muslim terrorists have faltered at the polls. Even the remaining front-runners, John McCain and Mitt Romney, have said bigoted things about Muslims and their religion. But Islamophobia as a campaign strategy has failed, and it may well come back to haunt the Republicans in the general election."


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