FW: From my accountant

David was kind enough to reveal this forward to us. Truth be told, I decided not to post this very right wing forward last May, but here it is again, and now I feel that it is too ugly to ignore; this forward deserves some daylight.

This is a key juncture in right-wing email exposure. This one is NOT easily dismissed like the others, especially since it skips the usual banal clip art, instead it uses someone's snap shot as the cheap political gag. For all we know, the guys in this image are third generation legal U.S. citizens.

One glance, and the viewer must make a clear choice: Are you in, or out? Are you able to swallow this political message despite any uncomfortable feelings you may feel about its content, after all, illegal immigration is a well perceived problem, or are you outraged. Outraged that this was created, outraged that it is sitting in your in-box, and dazzled at the thought that forwarders willing to send this email onward could be sitting next to you in the office, or worse, sitting across from you at the dinner table.

------begin forward-----
From my accountant:

Important tax reminder:
Don't forget to pay your taxes......

Muchas gracias!
21 million illegal aliens are depending on you!


Anonymous said...

my sister is a mother in law to an illegal. If I hadn't of blocked her email, I would have gotten it by now.

Anonymous said...

I know when I'm just hanging out, not working, as usual, I always make sure to drape myself in festive beads. Other people might choose to save their beads for a special occasion, a festival, even, but those people are amateurs not devious professional welfare frauds such as myself.

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