Fw: Pass it on! GO USA

From Kerri, who wisely adds: "Same shit, different package." Indeed. This is the same shit, just a little more emphasis on the "In GOD we trust" angle over the social security thing. Interesting to see the tiny adjustments in their evolution. Go USA! Click to enlarge


Leopold Stotch said...

Yay, my favorite chesnut:
This nation is a Christian nation.

Also do you need a new genre tag:the old lady cartoon image.
I've seen her on a ton of forwards.

Alicia said...

"we" speak a lot of languages, fella

Krista said...

What tends to annoy me most is the factual inaccuracies of these forwards.

As a result of immigration to the United States, the lyrics of the song were translated into other languages. In 1861, it was translated into German.[10] It has since been translated into Yiddish by Jewish immigrants,[11] French by Acadians of Louisiana[12], Samoan[13], and Irish[14]. The third verse of the anthem has also been translated into Latin.[15]"

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