Fwd: FW: Awesome poster

Subject: Awesome poster

Every so often, an email says it best.! 

And here we have the perfect poster that should be on billboards on every road leading into New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, LA and Hollywood.! .


What an awesome poster… please pass it on.!


delagar said...

As someone who has family in the military, I know how much training that soldier has. No one just handed him a weapon and let him loose on the streets of our cities.

He could also have washed out at many stages in his training for psychological reasons -- as the Florida shooter would have, I have no doubt.

And even so, the cost to that soldier of using that weapon on human beings is going to be severe. Check the rates of depression, substance abuse, and suicide among veterans.

But RWD uses it as a gotcha point.

That's how much he respects the troops.

charlie said...

I'll bite - how, exactly, are they protecting him and from what are they protecting him?

We don't have any soldiers stationed in New York City.

I'd also point out that there's a bit of a difference between a 19 year old grabbed off the street and one who has been trained by the military.

Whatever. You lunatics believe that guns are better than anything. Noted.

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