Fwd: FW: Best Comments of 2015

Ole’ Colonel Ollie North……… What a quick, and caustic, cut to the chase wit..!!

Humorist Frank J. Fleming: "The problem for a modern day military is figuring out how to destroy an evil enemy without hurting their feelings."

 Best comment of the year so far. Heard this on Fox News this evening (Mon., 1/12) from Oliver North. Some one asked why President Obama, Vice President Biden, Eric Holder nor Secretary of State Kerry were NOT at the solidarity March in Paris on Sunday.

Colonel North said,

"That's Because; The March was for 'World Leaders' "….!!


charlie said...

This just proves the old maxim: Politics is easy; comedy is hard.

Mr_Creosote said...

That's lame even by 4th grade standards. You just know cognitive dissonance is eating at their innards at being forced to laugh at such limp humor out of pure solidarity for "their team".

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