New ones


Jeff said...

Poor choice of colors on the map, RWD.

charlie said...

I have no idea why RWD thinks that anyone in this country is suggesting that we should become a totally Socialist country. No one is proposing that.

Some Socialism will always exist, unless, of course, you want to start paving your own roads. Funny - RWD doesn't seem to have a problem using Socialism to fund the military...

People come here from shithole countries because people from countries such as Norway already live in a better country than this one.

Most people who want to move from one country to another do so to improve their life, not to make it worse.

The U.S. is a step up from Haiti. It's a step down from Norway and most of western Europe, where pay is higher, health care is universal, and such things as paid vacations and paid maternity leave are required by law.

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