FW: Cause of Death


delagar said...

If only RWD would "open a book and gain some knowledge."

charlie said...

Here's a stat for the first graphic:

In the 1970s, one person was accidentally killed using lawn darts. The federal government outlawed their sale.

"Men like this (miners) are forced to work untill (sic) they're 70"

Not anymore. The Trump administration is overturning Obama regulations regarding the amount of coal dust to which miners may be exposed.

They'll die much more quickly now.

"Poor children of every color picked cotton."

Yes, but only the slaves were regularly beaten and raped.

"Explain how criminals will follow new laws."

Criminals break laws; that's what defines them as criminals. Should we just throw up our hands and get rid of all the laws?

"This is Chicago...home of the nations strictest gun laws."

Not true. You can legally carry weapons in Chicago and their laws aren't significantly more strict than those of any other American city.

The nation's strictest gun laws are found in Hawaii, where gun crime is nearly nonexistent.

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