Fwd: FW: Dennis ~ Best Photo Caption

Without a doubt one of the best photo captions ever.


SJT said...

OMG like totally the best caption EVER!

Seriously RWD? It's amazing how your lameness sinks to new lows constantly.

charlie said...

You have to wonder - are there really so many Americans who were opposed to women's rights, minority rights, good wages, good schools, good roads and affordable healthcare?

Apparently so.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Charlie, I think those Americans are too afraid of all the bogeymen the right has created to think beyond finding some leader whom they can just follow. The democrats or independents need to learn how to message to ppl whose thought processes are fear and anger based without alienating those who can think clearly. I think it can be done, but they need to get some advertising folks on the job ASAP.

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