delagar said...

Two things are interesting about this meme. Well, three.

(1) RWD has no idea when the Civil War was, or else he can't do math -- probably both.

(2) This is utter projection, obviously, given this is RWD's attitude whenever anyone not on the Right commits an act of terrorism. One person in a protest breaks a window, that whole movement become (in RWD's fevered mind) a terrorist organization. OTOH, when a Conservatives does something, like shoot a doctor, or blow up a building, or run his car into a group of protesters, why, that's just one bad apple.

(3) And finally, yes, de jure slavery ended in 1865. But de facto slavery, in the form of forced labor of prisoners, a large percentage of them black men, continues to this day. And the wealth that was accumulated through slavery, both de jure and de factor, is still in the hands of those (white) people whose families and companies benefited from that slavery.

charlie said...

We'll all be better off if we stop racism.

We won't all be better off if we mistreat all Muslims.

RWD isn't very bright.

SJT said...

Lol. "Held accountable"? At this point its hard enough to get some white people to even acknowledge that slavery was a serious problem or the cause of the Civil War. If we could even get to that step it would be a major improvement.

Let me ask you RWD: What exactly do you think being "held accountable" is? Because as it applies to Muslims, conservatives seem to want to hold them "accountable" by profiling them, deporting them, spying on their churches, curtailing the rights, torturing them, and in some cases just straight up killing them. Do you think liberals want to do that to white people (including, in many cases, themselves) over the issue of slavery? How exactly are these situations comparable?

A small percentage? Nope. The entire southern economy (and a fair bit of the northern economy too) was built on slavery. The percentage of whites involved was much higher than the percentage of muslims who are terrorists.

Over 200 years ago? Nope. Slavery was in a major boom about 200 years ago. Slavery ended officially just 150 years ago, an the Jim Crow South (officially) ended just 50 years ago, the the foot dragging and sabotage survive to this very day.

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