Fwd: Liberals on Medication


delagar said...

True story: when my kid was little, there was a little girl in her class who had ADHD. Could not focus, could not sit still, could not stop herself from talking ALL the time -- I mean, non-stop. Never finished any of the work, and because she wasn't working, she was even more bored, so she messed with other kids non-stop (teasing them, interfering in their work).

She had been diagnosed as ADHD, after her PCP referred her to a specialist.

But her parents were conservatives. So of course she got no treatment.

When my kid went to high school, this kid was in her class -- fifteen, and pregnant.

Maybe the reason your kids and grandkids are in so much trouble, RWD, is because you won't give them the help they need.

I mean, you don't see the children of Liberals marching around with Nazi flags and claiming that Jews and brown people aren't really human beings.

charlie said...

Does RWD explain exactly why he believes liberals are mentally ill?

Of course not.

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