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date:27 January 2016 at 08:01
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CharlieE said...

Isn't it odd that none of these Right Wing forwards ever promote one of their own?

I'm sure someone will get around to prosecuting Hillary. They'll do it just as soon as they're done with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

Don't hold your breath.

gruaud said...

Clap your hands, wingnuts. Tinkerbell is still dead.

ferschitz said...

What stands out for me is the constant negativity. Not only are the rightwing think tanks not promoting their own in a positive light, these rightwing forwards only focus on ginning up fear, anger, fear and negativity towards anyone who is not an old, cranky, white supremacist male.

This is a dwindling group, and the GOP is starting to realize that their "numbers" aren't adding up. Well that's what happens when you constantly demonize anyone who's not an old, cranky, white male supremacist.

Hooray4US said...

Rightwing think tanks sell only negativity and hatred towards the other because that's all they've got. These people have been lying to and propagandizing their base for well over 40 years. They keep promising that everything will be just peachy if the GOP gets in power, but no matter what, nothing changes other than the wealthy get wealthier through scamming the rubes.

What positive things do they have to offer their base? Other than telling them it's great, nay their patriotic duty, to be as racist, homophobic, misogynistic, rude, ugly, nasty and mean as possible. That's it. That's all there is. Go for it, rubes. That's your reward for continuing to vote against your own interests. Use the N word! There... don't you feel better now?

Mike Hawk said...

Is it just me, or doesn't Shrillary look somewhat CONSTIPATED in this photo?!?!

I'd be constipated most of the time, or at least have Irritable Bowl Syndrome, if I was married to a complete horny douche bag like Slick Willy, too.....so, I guess I'll cut her some slack.

Mike Hawk

P.S. - I can't figure out the Clinton's "marriage". Have any of you liberal weenies been able to figure it out? Is it a mutually beneficial arrangement that they've got...political and economic? Because, we should ALL VOTE FOR HILLARY, BECAUSE UNLIKE THE GOPERS, SHE WILL MAKE SURE "THAT THE WEALTHIER DON'T GET WEALTHIER THROUGH SCAMMING THE RUBES"---->YEAH, RIGHT HOORAY4US - PULL THE OTHER ONE, YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You put words in Hooray's commentary that aren't there. that's not what was said or implied at all, but you know that. And so does everyone else. STFU unless you can at least be honest. Oh, my bad: unpossible.

Agent86 said...


Epic failure amigo. No substance again? Then stating Hooray said something he/she did not. Bottom line is it really doesn't matter, GOP or Dem...the game is still rigged through money and special interest lobby. The rubes get fleeced no matter what. The GOP is just stunningly full of shit with nothing positive to say about their own as other's have pointed out. Their only game is negativity against anyone else. Look at the assclowns they put up on the podium ...it's like the Seven Dwarfs...Sleepy, Dopey, Fatty, Derpy, etc


Anonymous said...

The 1% plays the game of pitting different segments of the rubes against each other; it's a distraction while they pick our pockets. There is some "both sides do it" going on, but let's get real. The rightwing has far more "think" tanks daily pushing out crap like this, plus the main stream media is 100% rightwing anymore. The negativity and pitting the assclowns on the right against the supposedly horrible "liberals" is way overboard and not even closely matched by similar rhetoric from what's considered the "left" in the USA.

The GOP has absolutely nothing to offer their base other than Obama Derangement syndrome and hating everyone who's not them.

CharlieE said...

@Mike Hawk

I'd be constipated most of the time, or at least have Irritable Bowl Syndrome

So you'd either be constipated or have chronic diarrhea? Two completely opposite things?

As for the Clinton's marriage, it's not for me to figure out, and I'm baffled as to why you, or anyone, would devote any time to pondering the matter at all. The dynamics of other people's marriages are none of my business.

They're also none of yours.

ferschitz said...

Funny how when Anna Duggar accepted sister-diddler Josh back as her husband, after he'd engaged in multiple adulterous affairs, listed himself on that Madison adultery website and beat up a prostitute after rough sex with her, all the rightwingers gave Anna huge props for being such a good Chrisiany wife and standing by her man and doing what Jeebus wanted her to do or something.

Yet the same fanatics simply "can't figure out" the Clinton marriage. You gotta know that if Hillary had kicked Bill to the curb, these self-same hypocrites would be lashing out at her for not being a good Christiany wife and doing her duty and similar bunk.

It's all just so old. One would think these useless idiots would sick and tired of the tedium of their endless stupid complaints. But sadly, No.

Mike Hawk said...

Sooooo CharlieE......Isn't Hillary presently under investigation by the FBI?

Are George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld presently under investigation by the FBI?

Mike Hawk

ferschitz said...

Not a fan of HRC, but it's not clear that the FBI is actually investigating her. Quelle surprise that resident troll takes it as factual bc that's what all the rightwing blogs are saying. I'll wait until it's official, which, presently, it's not.

As for GW Bush & Dick Cheney, both were declared Internat'l War Criminals by the Hague. I think that may preclude their ability to travel internationally. I'm not sure about Rumsfeld, although he should have been declared a War Criminal.

Do I think the FBI should have investigated them? No. Why? And similarly why should the FBI investigate HRC.

Frankly, I'm thoroughly sick and tired of credit card Republicans wasting literally millions upon millions of my tax dollars incessantly "investigating" HRC, either re emails or Benghazi!!!11!1!

Both are fricking nothingburgers that have been investigated ad nauseum coming up with a big fat zilch.

But true to form, today's rightwinger is totally thrilled to see yet more millions upon millions totally WASTED endlessly investigating so-called "liberals." What. A. Waste.

Anonymous said...

IF HRC was guilty of all the things the hypocritical RW demagogues accused her of, she'd have been imprisoned YEARS AGO. Hell, she'd have been SHOT.

The punditocracy, FOX, the corporate media, and congress have attacked her for decades and she's still kicking. Why is that? She has no friends in high places, just the DNC (wildly ineffective), Bill (a RW punchline), and her machine (maybe big potatoes compared to Bernie, but small potatoes compared to the Kochtapus).

Again, why? Because there isn't anything they can nail her for, that's why. Hence the Benghazi gallop. Keep throwing shit, keep wasting time, keep lying.

ferschitz said...

To last Anon -

You forgot: Keep wasting MY money, credit card Republicans. KThxBye.

Was HRC stupid to use a private server? Probably. Did she end up doing something "wrong" because of it? Maybe but not all that likely. Like what was she supposed to have DONE? Sold secrets to our enemies?

I'm NOT a fan of HRC and really don't want to vote for her, but as time goes along, I'm failing to "get" what the BFD is over this server. As stuff gets released... it's no BFD time and time again.

Was on a leftie blog today, where some are FREAKING OUT about HRC using this server. Stupid? Probably. But somehow this, THIS is THE definitive issue for why she is unqualified to be POTUS. This from D voters.

I'm like: are y'all just trolls? Or are y'all just stupit?

The server thing is NOT what concerns me. sheesh. It's an easy distraction, though. Clearly the Kochs and/or Rupert Murdoch got that one right.

There's no one out there dumber than the US voting populace.

Anonymous said...

The left has its own "purity" trolls (I am holier than thou), "concern" trolls, and the spoiled little children who want their pony RIGHT NOW. Those latter idiots refuse to understand that change in this country is incremental and you have to be patient.
You aren't getting New Deal 2, you aren't getting Camelot, and you aren't getting the Great Society. Those dreams went poof when the Reagan Revolution began. The priority now is saving what's left of the original New Deal. They don't seem to get that.

Don't marginalize them, but don't ever give them power, or you go right off the cliff just like the GOP is currently jumping.

ferschitz said...

Well just for once, I'd like to see anyone rationally discuss HRC's NeoLiberal policies, which, imo, are a disaster. The server is just dumbed down distraction from what are much huger and more issues about HRC... policies/directions/whatever which I speculate she'll implement once she's in the White House (should she win). The server is a big fat nothingburger in comparison to her actual policies and activities as SoS.

There is a good discussion about HRC's Neoliberalism at Naked Capitalism, if anyone is inclined to head over there.

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