date:Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 2:06 PM
subject:OBAMA ON GUNS :-(


CharlieE said...

"It's just a goddamned piece of paper!" - Republican George W. Bush, referring to the Constitution of the United States of America.

But Bush wasn't black, so it's OK.

ferschitz said...

Of course, Obama repeated several times that he totally supported the 2d Amendment and had no intention of making any changes to the constitution. But, hey, he's a N****r, so don't let any facts stand in your way of victiminizing yourselves to a dastardly N****r and giving away all your power to him. Nicely played, RWD... by the Koch brothers, et al.

Randall said...

I'm pretty sure it is all the active shooters that keep making Obama talk about guns. I haven't' seen him crying about guns for no reason at all.

gruaud said...

Gun nuts like McCoy (the absolute nadir of political cartooning)refuse to understand that gun control does not equal taking your guns away.

Or they're just ignorant. I really can't tell.

ferschitz said...

Gun nuts like McCoy are most likely handsomely compensated by the guns 'n ammo industry. I refuse to believe that they are either: a) ignorant, or b) so heavily influenced by the rightwing hate propaganda machine that they actually, you know, believe this horse shit. No, McCoy collects his payola and laughs and laughs and laughs at all the other gun nuts who contribute to his payola by behaving like Pavlov's dogs and immediately tossing money into the gaping maw of the guns 'n ammo industry every time tools like McCoy pull shit like this.

Follow the money and Cui bono applies every time.

Mike Hawk said...

Actually, CharlieE.....You are absolutely and unequivocally WRONG:


This is fun....I can play this "game", too.

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

And yet, the Bush administration frequently violated the Constitution. If you had any shred of integrity, you'd acknowledge that. But you can't because.....trolls gotta troll.

CharlieE said...

@Mike Hawk

I'm wrong? Fact Check declared it "unsubstantiated." That doesn't mean he didn't say it.

Regardless, Bush's actions while in office make it pretty clear that he didn't hold the document in high regard. He certainly didn't think much of the Geneva Conventions.

Mike Hawk said...

CharlieE....I win, you LOSE!

Have a nice weekend!

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

There's a loser here, alright. And it ain't Charlie.

A study on trolls shows they score really high on the sadism index. Sadism is a learned response from childhood. Tell us about your mother.

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