Fw: Fwd: Thank you for joining the fight

date:23 October 2015 at 09:06
subject:Fw: Fwd: Thank you for joining the fight

Take a minute and send your representatives a letter.  Forward to your friends when you finish.

Subject: Thank you for joining the fight
Thank you for contacting your legislators to ask them to stand strong in defense of the Second Amendment.The support of NRA members and pro-gun advocates are the reasons we will continue to be successful.
Please forward this campiagn on to family friends, and fellow pro-gun advocates, so they too can reach out to their lawmakers. They can join the fight by clicking this link: http://act.nraila.org/zwVVMBz
If you are interested in joining us on the FrontLines by becoming more involved in our fight by attending events or volunteering, please go to www.nrailafrontlines.com/join today.

Thank you,


ferschitz said...

Oh, I see: another gun disaster, so let's pump up the rubes & fleece them for all their moniezes to ensure that more gunz 'n ammo can get into the hands of the stupids out there. Because Obama or something!

Agent86 said...

I have guns and have had since I was 9 years old and I have had background checks and shocker...no one has taken my guns! I used to be an NRA member at one time but today fuck the NRA and what they've become. They spout it's about rights but it's not about that to them. It's about power and money...nothing more, nothing less.


CharlieE said...

Given that several gun manufacturers donate $10 to the NRA for every weapon sold, I think it's pretty clear what today's NRA is about - ensuring that the industry can continue to sell whatever they want with impunity.

You gotta hand it to them, though. They've managed to get their rank and file members to believe that it's all about them.

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