Fw: Fwd: Sweden foundering for it's own stupidity

date:14 November 2015 at 08:11
subject:Fw: Fwd: Sweden foundering for it's own stupidity

Subject: Sweden foundering for it's own stupidity


Anonymous said...

Interesting comment from site:

"Europe needs leaders that make Hitler seem like a school yard bully by design."

The rot is never far from the surface.

ferschitz said...

Does this mean that rightwing white supremacists now LIKE HilterObama?

That they'd vote for Obama if he could run again?

That AZ Rep, Brenda Barton, is now happy with "Fuhrer" Obama?

That the Tea Party will forevermore endorse Obama's Presidency?

These maroons are clueless about what's happening in Europe, and they're shit-scared cowards, who are afraid of anything and everything. Last summer it was Ebola that was gonna kill everyone. Now it's ISIS. What's the next big scary scary booga booga fear fear thing to run and hide from? Exceptional Murkins? Yeah, exceptional at being brainwashed idiots jumping off cliffs at Rush Limbaugh's every command.

Mike Hawk said...

fershcitz....Since you're NOT a "shit-scared coward" Murkin....why don't you go ahead and book your hotel reservation for a lil' vacation in Mosul, Iraq or perhaps in the tourist-friendly city of Raqqa, Syria?

Don't forget your Coppertone SPF 50 and your pink G-string Speedo banana hammock and your inline rollerblades.

Have fun, amigo!

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

So, in essence, Mike is saying he's shit-his-pants-frightened. Glad you don't do anything important.

Anonymous said...

RWD is freaking out shit scared about ISIS coming HERE to kill him dead in his gun-filled bedroom. No one suggested vacays to Syria and Iraq. Typical useless distraction from the actual point.

Hooray4US said...


11/20/15 Rude Pundit nails it in terms of pants shitting cowardly RWD and his "leaders."

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