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CharlieE said...

That's why we can't let the private sector be in charge of everything.

Republicans are always saying the private sector can do everything better and that the government shouldn't be in charge of anything, including healthcare.

Uh, OK. If you clowns are going to insist that this is how this event went down, then I'll remind you that Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas is a private enterprise.

gruaud said...

Read between the lines:

The man was released because he had no health insurance.

And in reading the hospital's initial statement and retraction, it should be painfully obvious.

A monumental fuckup.

ferschitz said...

Ditto to CharlieE. Just what I was going to say. Dallas Presbyterian is a private, for-profit hospitable.

So ignoring for one second the racist red meat tossed to the slavering Pavlovian-trained base, it appears that the sacrosanct PRIVATE sector failed in its duties, even IF conservatives wish to make some sort of racist "joke" out of it.

OK, if this AA female is allegedly so teh stoopit, then WHO is responsible for HIRING and training her in the first place?? And how did that happen? And are all of the failures that happened with the Ebola case in Dallas solely and only down to a mistake made by one AA clerk??

Yeah, right, dreaded horrible awful liberals just want the govt to wipe our asses. But conservatives just want to sit around being racists & sexists and blaming minorities for all the ills of this nation while demanding... NOTHING other than to be permitted act like racist assholes in public.

Great. Just frickin great.

Per usual: WHAT is the solution offered by conservatives here in this situation?

Buehler? Buehler???

Anonymous said...

Except the nurse asked the correct question, and entered the answer in the electronic medical record as she was supposed to. The system apparently was not configured to notify the doctor. The nurse should have told the doctor rather than relying on the system, of course, but that's what happened.

Mike Hawk said...

ferschitz: Let me "axe" you a question. Have you taken your Zoloft today?

You seem a bit worked-up/uptight today.

Mike Hawk

Randall said...

Good job on giving a dissenting view loaded with facts and logic.

Mike Hawk said...

Randall, are you "mad" because you speak "Ebonics", too?

Tired of folks ridiculing your English? I'm sorry......

I'm also sorry if my comment was devoid of "facts and logic". Perhaps I should follow the lead set by so many of the GENIUS (and highly intellectual) Liberals on here.

Mike Hawk

Not an Obama Supporter but Not Buying What Mike Hawk is Peddling said...

Swing and a miss, Mike Hawk, but you knew that. Typical. Offering no solutions. Just vapid attacks for no real reason. Attempting hijack & derail anything meaningful with typical sock puppet b.s.

Anonymous said...

I suggest scrolling past the troll unless s/he offers something meaningful to discuss. We get enough tedious racist remarks in the RWFs.

CharlieE said...

Perhaps I should follow the lead set by so many of the GENIUS (and highly intellectual) Liberals on here.

That might be a good place to start. Most of the regulars here are well informed, articulate and generally civil, which is a combination one rarely sees on the Right, where they typically have to resort to name calling and ad hominem attacks, due to lack of substantial arguments.

I find that many on the Right can't engage in political discourse without referring to the president of the United States by such names as "Bubba" or "Obummer", leading me to wonder if these people are still in elementary school, and if so, why we should engage them.

Just saying.

Schitzengiggles said...


Just the fact he used Mike Hawk, or for that matter Mike Hunt, Jack Kennoff, Dick Hertz, etc should give you some indication of his lack of desire to actually engage in anything resembling adult discourse, offering only vapid comments, ad nauseam repetition of Fox New-ish talking points and puerile insults.

He's only short one "Libtard" and an all-in by invoking Godwin's Law.

Wait for it.......

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