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Subject: Fw: Question of the Day

Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 6:32 PM
Subject: FW: Question of the Day


CharlieE said...

Good point. I remember the president telling us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that could cause harm to the mainland US within 45 minutes.

Did anyone ever look into those allegations? I'm pretty sure they weren't true.

ferschitz said...

I recall the President saying that Saddam Hussein had funded and trained the so-called "Al Qaeda" who flew the planes into the WTC towers.

I recall the President agreeing that Niger has sold Yellow Cake to Iraq, and then President's lap dog told the NYT that Valerie Plame was a spy.

Did anyone ever look into those allegations? Because I know that they were bald faced lies.

I recall the President saying that Oliver North was a "great American patriot" who had nothing to do with Iran-Contra, and I know for a fact that was a bald-faced lie. Did anyone ever look into that allegation?

I don't totally disagree, though, with Allen West, but unless or until dumb USians get it through their thick skulls that we're being lied to constantly no matter what label is applied to any politician, then this kind of clap trap is worse than useless.

More red meat tossed to the base as distraction. West is a traitor his ethnicity and should be ashamed, but per usual: money talks.

gruaud said...

Well, our political discourse has certainly devolved to the point where disagreement with Obama consists of nothing but degrading, racist, and juvenile personal insults. Nothing to do with actual policy.

And that, in no small part, is due to people like you, Allen West.

Marc with a C said...

Says the guy who tortured Iraqis on the assumption (later proven false) that the guy was plotting a terrorist attack.

Allen West, you have no moral credibility and it is solely by the grace of God that you're not rotting in a cell in the Hague.

Tread lightly.

Schitzengiggles said...

I love how Reps/Conservatives (Libs are guilty also make no mistake just not to the same extent) are like the poster children for hypocrisy - ranting and railing on Dems all the while acting like their shit doesn't stink. False equivalency, strawman, forgetting correlation does not imply causation...standard MO. They are quite entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Allen West is a complete and utter pendejo. He has no credibility in both the Caucasian and African-American communities.

Too bad we can't ship his lousy a$$ off to Gitmo for a lil' taste of "enhanced interrogation" techniques.

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