Fw: Did our President really say that?

Subject: Fw: Did our President really say that?

Shocking statement from the President of the US!!! Surprised smile

I won't forget it or forgive him, & neither should any American. Totally unacceptable! 



Begin forwarded message:

Hello All,
The short video is a very strong message of things to come.  Look out America look out!  The president means all of us, including you in local government.  Some of you will get the message and some won't even care, but he is still coming. Are you ordinary and too small minded to manage you own affairs?  Please try to understand Obama's mind set and agenda. Google search Agenda 21, and READ IT!

Wow!!!! It is difficult to believe that a President of the United States would say this, but he did, and with his usual nose in the airarrogance.  It’s a 20-second video, listen for your self.


gruaud said...

That video is heavily edited.

The 'uppity' comment - man, they don't even use dog-whistle anymore.

ferschitz said...

'nose in the air' ??

yeah: red meat tossed forth to the bigoted racists.

ergo, whatever is on this video is bogus.

more rightwing think tank crap sent forth to distract the bigots from who's really ripping them off.

CharlieE said...

Yes, the video has been edited, but it's worth clicking the link just to read the comments.

Schitzengiggles said...

oh FFS...two seconds on Google:


Not that there was any doubt to begin with.

Hooray4US said...

OK CharlieE: you OWE me! (heh)

I took the bait. The video is clearly edited. The commenters use the "N" word frequently. But what's more is that there are several commenters pointing out how this edited & not what Obama was saying. Given that info (and the fact that even some of the Dittoheads acknowledged the video was edited), the rightwingers then insisted that, while the video was edited, it was "actually what Obama was thinking & doing, even if he didn't say it."

DOI. If the FACTS don't fit my fictional viewpoints, then I'll twist the facts & make up stuff to fit my fantasies.

Schitzengiggles said...

Looks like the video was taken down...lol

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