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gruaud said...

There was no IRS scandal; only in conservative fever-dreams does it exist.

The Benghazi dog won't hunt; it never did and never will.

The VA scandal is a disgrace. But the root of the problem was GOP obstruction on adequate funding.

Why don't you pull the string on your Mitch McConnell doll, Branco.

ferschitz said...

In the case of the VA, Branco needs to pull the string on the John McCain doll. McCain was the biggest "pusher" on NOT increasing funding to the VA, when it was well-known that it was underfunded.

As many here know, I'm not fond of Obama, but when I heard way-past-his-sell-by-date McCain trading about firing Shinsecki, I wanted to toss the radio into McCain's nasty lying face.

So here we go again... thanks to the idiotic eagerness of bigoted racist tea partiers, we, the US taxpayers in the 99% (make no mistake: the 1% won't have to pay up) get to pay for YET ANOTHER senseless, useless, overpriced "study" to determine "what went wrong at the VA."

What a waste of time & money, but stupid dolt Tea Baggers get the pleasure of having their bigotry stroked by these measures... all ginned up to distract them from all the real issues confronting us.

EFF you Branco, you lying, incompetent, lacking in artistry shill.

Hooray4US said...

Seems to me Branco got one thing right: the CHILD looks like a bratty dumb mouth-breathing oaf. Pretty good depiction of the conservatives who go for this kind of crap.

CharlieE said...

Do the wingers now think that Obama believes that the IRS issue and Benghazi were scandals?

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