Fwd: FW: This is how I feel at work...

Subject: Fw: This is how I feel at work...

This is funny!  I see this in America, too.  

It's the number one song in Britain now.  You have to turn up your speakers to hear it, but it's worth it.  LOL.  I think this song should say 'America.'



Anonymous said...

First off, this song is 2 years old.
Secondly, the top song in Britain right now is Route 94 by My Love. This is a sad piece of crap from the bottom of the dregs of YouTube.
Thirdly, no one is living high on the hog from government assistance. This is a right-wing lie since the 80's. Living off government assistance is a nightmare worse than any job I've ever had.
Fourthly, the US doesn't really have much of asylum program like the UK does, and our assistance programs are like comparing apples to practically no apples. So I don't know what the complaint here is other than typical xenophobia.

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