Fwd: FW: Russian Mardi Gras

Fwd: FW: Russian Mardi Gras

Subject: Russian Mardi Gras


ferschitz said...

Well here have the rightwing meme of Wimpy Obama who is simply out-foxed by Manly Machiavellian Putin.

Don't forget, however, that the KenyanMarxistSocialist Usurper never removed from office most of the BushCo NeoCons in MANY positions of power within the govt. In fact, it's mainly been BushCo NeoCons pushing for this confrontation with Russia, plus the BushCo NeoCons hired Nazi's - YOUR tax dollar$ at work - to go overthrow a lawfully elected govt in Ukraine.

Really this whole fracas is about USA Oligarchs - mostly BigOil & Big Ag - versus Russian & Ukrainian Oligarchs.

But hey: let's distract the idiots with senseless posturing and idiotic nonsense, all while BushCo NeoCons appear to want nothing more than WWIII.

I agree, actually, that Putin is rather masterful. John McCain should STFU and try to learn a thing or 2 from him.

gruaud said...

Bill Kristol needs to shut the fuck up, too.

Schitzengiggles said...

Speaking of boobs, the boobs that sit around and think this shit up can't decide whether the KenyanMarxistSocialistUsurper is a boob or a master of cunning and planning.

After all, they expected you to believe that 50 years ago a masterful plan was hatched somewhere in Kenya that a poor mixed race baby would be groomed to become POTUS. This masterful plan would include faking SSN, manufacturing then hiding school and other personal records, all the while prepping him to become POTUS and instigate an internal takedown and total destruction of the Murica they love. All of this conspiracy would be performed under the noses of the NSA, CIA, FBI and the Clintons. Seriously? All of this from a gubmint who can't keep a secret from fucking WikiLeaks?

So which is it you bunch of keyboard Einsteins?

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