Fw: FOX News: Supreme Court to revisit ObamaCare

Subject: FOX News: Supreme Court to revisit ObamaCare

I thought you might be interested in this article: Supreme Court to revisit ObamaCare.

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Anonymous said...


gruaud said...

Good question.

I would imagine that conservatives would rejoice from the rooftops if the Court struck down the ACA mandate for women's preventative health care, especially contraception. This is the same attack as AZ's SB 1602. Expect to see more of this crap, not less.

It boils down to whether one person's religious beliefs trumps other people's rights.

gruaud said...

Whoops. SB 1062.

Wish there was an edit function, but you get the drift.

ferschitz said...

Yes, this is accurate, and we'll have to see what the Sup Ct decides. I hope they come down for freedom from the Talibangelicals of the USA who wish to ram their "beliefs" down everyone else's throats.

The Green Family who own Hobby Lobby are Mormons. They are entitled to keep their stores closed on Sundays in compliance with their religious beliefs. But why are their religious beliefs supposed to be rammed down the throats of their employees, who may or may not be Mormon or religious. Here's another Q: does the Green Family think it's ok for Obamacare to cover the costs of viagra? I'm betting the A is: yes.

I don't know about the Conestoga Wood company but probably similar stuff.

Time will tell. It's not a slam-dunk as to how the Sup Ct will rule on this matter.

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