Fw: Guns or no guns

Guns or no guns


CharlieE said...

Any questions?

Yeah. Why do you believe that President Obama doesn't think you should be able to own guns?

Why is everything absolute with you gun nuts?

Anonymous said...

Why do they think only dead people should own guns?

Anonymous said...

I missed out on the speeches Gandhi and MLK gave on everyone owning guns and using them on people that oppress them. Anybody else remember the armed rebellion that Gandhi ran against the British or the armed uprising MLK used to get civil rights?

Schitzengiggles said...

Geez...you guys and your facts. Haven't you learned they do not deal in facts? False equivalency, correlation does not imply causation, conjecture, fear and loathing maybe but never facts.

ferschitz said...

What a load of crap. Ghandi & MLK advocated for civil disobedience and peaceful solutions.

I have no idea whether Chairman Mao was opposed to private citizen gun ownership or not. The country was so poor, it's likely that many citizens didn't own guns anyway.

I'm also unclear on Stalin's & Hitler's views about private citizen gun ownership. In both countries, I'm sure many of those on farms owned guns.

This is a bunch of crap, but for some odd reason, I sort of find it hilarious how they've teamed up Obama with that rogue's gallery, but teamed up Ghandi & MLK with the founding fathers.

Some NRA rightwing stooge was laughing his/her ass off when they sent this one out. They know this is total crap, but they laugh at these rubes who buy into it. Of course, the NRA & the guns and ammo industries are only interested in on thing: How much Money can they rip off of the stupid rightwing gun owners based on idiocy like this.

Anonymous said...

Martin Luther King Jr.? The guy who was shot to death? Yeah, I'm sure if we asked him today, he would be all in for your second amendment rights.

Hooray4US said...

Both MLK & Ghandi were assassinated by being shot to death. Plus Ghandi was Indian, and I doubt he gave a crap about any Constitutional rights in the USA.

So using them in this ridiculous RWF is really jumping the shark.

I'm sure that including Ghandi & MLK on the list of those allegedly in favor of gun ownership was done deliberately to make dumb idiots on the right feel good about themselves or something.

This makes no sense, but what else is new in RWF land?

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Anonymous said...

Help, 9/11 there's too much stupidity going on in my screen.

Obama has never ONCE stated that you shouldn't be allowed to have guns, he just said that you shouldn't be allowed to have assault rifles, so why don't you put Ronald Reagan up on that list of yours huh?

Hypocrites and liars, they're just jealous that Obama has lowered the deficit by over 800 billion dollars (1.4T to 600B) and not ONE Republican has ever lowered our deficit since 91% tax the rich Eisenhower

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