Fw: Fwd: New Christmas Song.

I thought you would also appreciate this song....

Best Christmas song ever.  Bet no radio station will play it.

Don't go CHRISTMAS shopping until you watch this YouTube



CharlieE said...

Dumb "War on Christmas" song. Apparently, you're not supposed to shop at stores that say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" because that's how Jesus would shop. Or something. The song is simultaneously about shopping and about the fact that Christmas is supposed to be about Jesus' birth.

I wouldn't try figuring it out.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Or Happy Holidays, or Festivus, or Kwanzaa, or whatever floats your boat.

gruaud said...

Think we commented on this one last year.

Such a cute little bundle of hatred and intolerance.

Well, the good news is that the FOX-manufactured War OF Christmas can finally be put back into the closet until O'Reilly and his holier-than-thou dupes trot it out yet again at the end of 2014.

CharlieE said...

They forgot to add, "Hurry up and watch this before it gets removed from the Internet."

Anonymous said...

Mithras is the reason for the season.
Don't shop /ANYWHERE/ this season that doesn't have a bull sacrificing altar!

The Watcher said...

At the end, she says

"If you don't believe the reasons for my Christmas, then it's sure OK with me/Please don't tell me what to say or what music I can play/Christmas is my special day."

Apparently, that's not OK with her, however, because she's encouraging people to go to great lengths to bully stores into doing what she wants.

I guess the message is "'live and let live' for me, 'do what I say' for you."

ferschitz said...

The real War ON Christmas is waged by rightwingers like Rush Limbaugh & the panoply of jerkwads on Fake Noise.

They rile up their brainwashed viewers into being totally negative & hateful about Christmas and/or the Holiday Season. See my comment at the previous post about a Rich White Lady tirading at me & a friend about how "radical leftists" are "ruining the holidays," despite being in a shopping center with lots of Christmas decorations & such.

These people are nuts, driven crazy by the rightwing noise machine. I'd feel sorry for them, except they're usually so rude & nasty that I find it difficult to have compassion.

Frankly, all Christmas is about anymore in the USA is: SELLabration. It's certainly doesn't seem to have much to do with celebrating anything that's purportedly good or holy or whatever... as is evidenced by the nasty diatribing we see here annually.

Schitzengiggles said...

Wow, a song with a plethora of hypocrisy, selfishness and vanity.

If it's all about baby Jesus, why are you shopping in the first place? Trolling so you can be a bully? How mighty Christian of you. So by posting/saying Happy Holidays are they being intolerant of your intolerance or how does all that work? Splain it Lucy..in your own words...not those of your Fux Noise overlords.

"..my Christmas Day..."? Who died and left you in charge ya vain selfish bitch.

Here...Happy Holidays ya shallow superficial wench..


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