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Just had to send this one !


CharlieE said...

Nixon's activities included involvement in actual burglary, which is unquestionably a crime. Nixon was never impeached.

Obama's activities, which are, in my book, somewhat questionable, are legal, and have been approved by the courts. It's also questionable as to whether he's still "loved", as his approval ratings are below 50%.

What's the point of this, exactly?

ferschitz said...

Indeed, what IS the point of this?

Nixon was not impeached and furthermore the PTB had Gerald Ford pardon him, which was one of the defining moments leading to an utter lack of consequences for a lot that happens in govt today.

So rightwingers are totally brainwashed to hate on Obama, who is actually a very conservative Pres?? Well, then, go back to Nixon and ask why he was pardoned for commiting crimes. Maybe if Nixon had to face the music and suffer for real actual consequences, we'd have a govt today that is much beholden and responsive to the needs of the 99%, rather than just the 1%.

Anonymous said...

I know the right-wingers have an attention span of a humming bird on crack, but does anyone remember the Patriot Act? I recall being against it when it was passed, and still being against it now.

But that’s alright I’m sure as soon as there is a Republican elected to the executive office, the same right-wingers bitching about Obama’s domestic spying will be fervently defending all the domestic spying, internment camps, and whatever other bat-shit actions they do.

It would be nice if there was actually a choice of a progressive left person for elected office over the current selection of moderate right-wing and ultra right-wing

gruaud said...

I don't know whether George Orwell would laugh or weep at these fools.

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