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Subject: Fwd: Pass this on....Please

Even if you are tired of political email, please read this one.  Obama (Executive Order) has blocked Voter ID in Arizona and passed an amnesty bill for Qualified illegals (potential voters)   you have to be concerned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TRUE http://www.snopes.com/politics/immigration/dreamact.asp
Obama passes "amnesty" act by Executive Order..
Let's move this forward and fast.
He'll do whatever it takes to get the votes...
Be sure that you send this to everyone you know!
Obama passes amnesty by executive order
Written by Gil Guign atBorder & Immigration , Breaking News ,

Last Friday, with no fanfare, no press coverage, and with every effort made
to hide his actions from the American people, President Obama enacted the
DREAM Act by executive order.
Opposed by a majority of the American people and twice defeated in Congress,
the DREAM Act grants amnesty to any illegal alien residing in the United
States if they agree to enlist in the U.S. Military or enter college.
The Obama administration memo from the John Morton, Director of I.C.E.
(Immigration and Customs Enforcement) directs I.C.E. Agents now to use
"prosecutorial discretion" with regard to enforcing immigration laws.
Director Morton says that Obama Administration policy directs border patrol
agents not to enforce immigration laws: "When ICE favorably exercises
prosecutorial discretion, it essentially decides not to assert the full
scope of the enforcement authority available to the agency."
You read that right. According to the Obama administration
"favorable"enforcement means NOT enforcing the law!
According to one of the first press reports to break this important story,
the new Obama policy is cut and dry: "federal immigration officials do not
have to deport illegal aliens if they are enrolled in any type of education
program, if their family members have volunteered for U.S. Military service,
or even if they are pregnant or nursing."
Arizona and the voter ID law
Just recently Obama's Department of Justice (DOJ) blockedArizona from
enforcing its voter ID law. Arizona is one if not the biggest portal of
illegal immigration in the nation with half a million illegal aliens coming
through the state annually. Arizona 's Attorney General Tom Horne recently
stated that he believed that blocking of the law facilitated massive voter
fraud by illegal aliens.
" Attorney General Tom Horne accused the Obama administration Tuesday of
trying to thwart Arizona's voter-ID laws in a bid to get more illegal
immigrants to the polls - presumably to cast ballots for the president and
Horne acknowledged that a brief filed by the Department of Justice in a case
to be heard next month by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals centers
around the agency's argument that Arizona's law requiring proof of
citizenship to register is pre-empted by federal law. But Horne, a
Republican, told Capitol Media Services he sees something more sinister."
The 2012 presidential elections
First we have amnesty passed by executive order then we have President
Obama's DOJ blocking voter ID in Arizona . What could possibly be the
president's motive?
This story has the potential to bring the Obama Administration to its knees.
The momentum can be on our side and just e-mailing it to others can create a
critical mass. Don't assume you have no power. You do!


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CharlieE said...

Actually, and this should come as no surprise, Snopes says this is false.

Funny thing about the Dream Act - the bill was originally sponsored by Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, who has spent years trying to get the bill passed.

Until now. Suddenly, he opposes it,probably because President Obama wants it passed.

Ken said...


Arizona 's Attorney General Tom Horne recently
stated that he believed that blocking of the law facilitated massive voter
fraud by illegal aliens.

Get real if you’re in a country illegally you’re going to keep a low profile you’re not wanting to try and vote in fact you don’t want to come in contact with anyone unless absolutely necessary.

ferschitz said...

"What could possibly be the
president's motive?"

I question Obama's "motives" a LOT, but not about lamebrain horse shit like this.

Thanks to prior commenters who very easily & quickly debunked this ginned up ersatz nonsense, clearly sent out by a rightwing thinktank to propogandize easily mislead bigoted racist conservatives.

Like Ken, my first thought was: if someone is illegal, the last thing they'll do is try to *illegally* vote. Like: duh.

Like Obomba, who's itching to bomb bomb bomb Iran - something these dolts should be much more concerned about, frankly - is wasting his time trying to get some bogus "legislation" passed in frickin' mega-racist Arizona in order to let illegal aliens vote.

Teh stoopit... it burnz.

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