FW: Birther Talk

Subject: FW: Birther Talk

Subject: Birther Talk

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Anonymous said...

[citation needed]

Marc with a C said...

Why is Hitler wearing a ball cap and hiding in Mexico? The Argentines wise up or something?

gruaud said...

A classic example of Branco's obtuseness:


A swastika on the hammer. Jesus Christ, what an idiot.

Like 99% of all conservatives, he has no idea about the differences between socialism, fascism, naziism, communism, or anything else, for that matter.

All he knows is that the eagle must fly to be free and bombing brown people = USA #1 or some such happy horseshit.

Also, Marc's comment was very lol-worthy.

ferschitz said...

High Five to Marc!! lol

Must confess that I honestly don't get this one. WTF? What Marc says.

Did someone clone Hitler & Fidel Castro? If so, why?

And why is Messican Hitler blabbing out birfer crap?

This one is... like: wow. Serious stupidity on steriods.

blaney said...

Shorter Branco:

Even Mexican Hitler knows Obama faked his birf cerifikat!

Mr_Creosote said...

'Poe's Law' in action.

Wingnuts are frothing so violently these days I doubt there is rhetoric over the top enough that a birther would recognize as hyperbole.

Hooray4US said...

With all due respect to Blaney...

Shorter Branco:

Watch me gin up the rubes against Obama with something so terrifying meaningless & nonsensical that I even scare myself teh stoopit. Hitler pr0n 'stache! w00t!

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