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Subject: THIS ABSOLUTELY NAILS IT............................

THIS ABSOLUTELY NAILS IT............................


gruaud said...

Actually, not having a job (even though it can be a pain in the ass at times) is pretty boring. I enjoy work.

And free health care is a damn sight better than invading and occupying multiple countries. Even that idiotic bigot Daniel Greenfield is finally bemoaning our loss of blood and treasure. See previous entry.

In fact, liberalism unconfined results in better health, a better environment, jobs-a-plenty, equality, and better sex.

That must be why billionaires hate it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can worry about people not wanting to work when we can take care of the people who can't find work. Remember, "unemployment" only counts people actively looking for work.

The depressing part is that Obama's head (and "a parody") really was the only bit edited into this comic.

CharlieE said...

I'm glad that Republicans believe in self-reliance. I'm glad they don't want or need government provided health care. I'm glad they work at jobs to provide for their own health insurance.

The Giants fan who was beaten up on opening day at Dodger Stadium has, to date, incurred some $50 million in medical bills.

I wonder if your average, self-reliant, hard-working Republican is prepared for such a contingency.

I'm guessing not.

ferschitz said...

Aside from the FACT that Obama did not make these "promises" as part of his campaign, this is typical rightwing b.s. that so-called "Democratic" voters & liberals are lazy slackers looking for unending hand-outs & don't want to work or be responsible in any way.

I've been a bleeding edge liberal my whole adult life (actually beginning in my teens) and have worked in various capacities since I was 11, and continue to work - happily (and with gratitude) at two jobs now in my later years.

I get sick & tired of being called a lazy slacker welfare cheater by idiots who are brainwashed by rightwing paranoid propganda like this. It's pernicious, lying, hypocritical bullshit that's way past it's sell-by date.

And as some of you know here, I'm NO fan of Obama, but this is crap. Criticize Obama to your heart's content, but stick to FACTS, not lies, to make a point.

All this symbolizes is the unending crass attempts to pit conservative 99%ers against more liberal 99%ers, which distracts conservatives who's really ripping them off: lazy, slacker corporate welfare 1%ers. Figure it out.

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