This   has got to be the biggest 

     Bumper  Sticker.   
     In  fact, I suppose  we'd have to call it a  
     "Tail  Gate  Sticker."  Great job!!          
      Picture  from Texas ...... this guy has got some  guts!  


CharlieE said...

Picture from Texas ...... this guy has got some guts!

Yes, it takes some real guts to badmouth Obama in Texas...

gruaud said...

And your alternative would be?

You can't even imagine the shitstorm that would be raining down on us if McCain and his 'handlers' were in charge.

Thomas said...

Yeah, I'm call bullshit on this one. Looks like bad Photoshop to me.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Use bumper stickers to support your candidate, but to use them to bash another is bad manners. Manners-one of those old-fashioned family values. Its also just asking to be keyed--even in Texas.

ferschitz said...

From the perspective of rightwingers, I don't see why they see Obama as a "mistake." As many here know, I see Obama as nothing more or less than a somewhat moderate Republican, and I'm being kind in that assessment.

The rightwing 1%ers have been pushing this country further and further to the right, where even traditional Dem voters are very conservative these days (usually not barking lunatics, though).

This so-called bumper sticker - which may or may not exist - is merely red meat bigotry tossed out to the typically racist conservatives, who mostly hate on Obama bc: 1) rightwing think tank propoganda directs them to "hate" Obama, and 2) they are racsits who cannot ever "get over" the fact that a dirty AA got to be Pres of the USA.

Peace on earth & good will towards all WHITE MEN... yadda yadda...

Anonymous said...

I recently saw one that looked exactly like this here in KY. Had to laugh.

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