FW: Say What???


C.M. Gonzalez said...

Again, I'm not sure I understand how this is meant to be offensive.

SJT said...

I know I'm offended. But that's because Obama never really said that quote. Maybe I'm too sensitive.

Matto the Hun said...

If that were my insurance agent, I'd tell him he is a moronic fucknut, and that I'm taking my business elsewhere.

I'd inform him how wrong he is about that statement first of course. However since he was stupid enough to swallow that crap in the first place, I'm sure I'd be left with the option I initially mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Don't these maroons ever check this stuff out before they make their self-righteous little signs?

The bogus quote he based this on even has its very own page on Snopes:


Anonymous said...

CMcD didn't you hear that snopes is part of the liberal media elite conspiracy? HEHEHE

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