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Looks to me like the Aussies have a better handle on American politics than a heck of a lot of Americans do. Wish these could be seen by more here in the USA. - so I'm sending to all of you to pass them along. These are the best I've ever seen, and how true!!

These are not American cartoons.

God Bless the Aussies!

Remember these are from Australia ...

they have a handle on our politics


Anonymous said...

Maybe some of these are from Australia, but I doubt its very many, if any. I was not aware that the Times-Picayune or North County Times (San Diego) or Cartoon Syndicate were part of the Australian media. Silly me.

I don't know why these wing nuts feel it necessary to lie about the origin (old habits die hard?). Some of the cartoons make perfectly valid points (even if we disagree with them) without disceiving the reader. I guess they missed the part on ethos in rhetoric class.

Leopold Stotch said...

Pfff. None of these are from Australia.
It's a weak attempt to give the impression (RE:lie) about how the rest of world really honestly truly backs the Republican party.
The odd thing is, how come they always pick Australia?
Is it the only other white part of the world that they DON'T despise, given that Europe and Canada are a bunch of ungodly 'Socialists'?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Australia should sue the Internet for libel.

Anonymous said...

Glenn McCoy, Chuck Asay, Michael Ramirez, and Lisa Benton aren't Australian, and that right there is about 3/4 of the comics in that email.

Tony said...

Pretty sure, like, no more than two or three of those cartoons maybe are Australian.

Also, if they were Australian, it helps to remember that the Australian right wing is openly racist and xenophobic. They don't even hide it behind "I'm not a racist but..."

So. Yeah. Good call there, chief.

Anonymous said...


I think to the American right wing, the failings of the Australian right wing is a feature, not a bug...

jh said...

As an Australian I can confirm that none of these cartoons are Australian, they don't even look Australian in style.

FWIW Australians skew very much to the left of even mainstream America. For one thing we have universal health care.

Leinad said...

Another Aussie checking in to laugh - none of those look remotely like any Aussie political cartoonist and they aren't in keeping with mainstream Aussie attitudes to the US, Democrats, Obama, the Iraq war or the Republicans.

see some real Aussie cartooning here:

Alan Moir: http://www.moir.com.au/archivesales.htm

Bill Leak:

Peter Nicholson:

Marc with a C said...

Is it me, or does Uncle Sam look an awful lot like he's starting to enjoy the blowjob he's giving us?

Just a thought.

chenzzo said...

I wonder where they get the idea that they are Australian cartoons? The first one is by an american cartoonist, as is the second, which was published in an american newspaper. The third one was by an american cartoonist who works for the Time Picayune in New Orleans, the forth was also by an American cartoonist. In fact, every one I was able to check was an american cartoonist, quite a few of them know for being right wing. I love the cartoons, but that kind of mis-attribution makes our side look ignorant.

Anonymous said...

As the last commenter stated:

"that kind of misattribution makes our side look ignorant."

Yes, yes it does.

Why make up a LIE that these are Aussie cartoons? Just show them as from the US. Dumb but expected.

I used to live downunder a long time ago, and just by looking at them (as some kind Aussies who commented, above), these do not even begin to look like Aussie cartoons at all.

DUH!!! As one post said, it must've been sent as "Australian" in a stupid effort to show that the "rest of the world" also agrees with teh conservatards here... not so much.... esp now that W's poodle, John Howard, was thankfully voted out of office.

Anonymous said...

Even though these cartoon are all correct in their views, and I think they are great, they are not from Australia. Two of the cartoonists, Glenn Mccoy and Steve kelley are Americans, and I bet the rest are too.

Amazing how someone on the internet says it and it becomes true all of the sudden.

Let's face it, Australians are as socialist as they get, borderline communist, so i doubt they would have views like this, "down under"

Editor said...

Here's American politics in a nutshell. The right believes in free-market capitalism and so it thrives on radio, TV, magazines etc. The left loves government so they have better politicians and outmaneuver Republicans all the time. So no one listens to liberals but no one votes for Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Hey look everyone, Editor is back! And he's even more incoherent than before!

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