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charlie said...

Teach a Democrat to fish and he'll...

[citation seriously needed]

If security is this imporant at airports...

Why? Are you worried about terrorists blowing up the border and killing you?

I doubt many people are lying awake at night, worried about that unlikely event.

Cops. Move to a place where your work is appreciated.

I wonder if Republicans would revere cops the way they do if they were killing white people instead of blacks.

Oppression is being told you can't say certain words...

Yet no government entity is doing this. You're free to say whatever you like.

Stop calling it a "COVID Relief" bill

Why? It put $1400 checks in the hands of tens of millions of Americans who needed COVID relief due to the Trump administration's mishandling of the pandemic.

If a bill to offer COVID relief shouldn't be called a "COVID relief" bill, what should we call it? "Relief from Trump's incompetence?"

Trump 2024 - Make Votes Count Again

They counted this time; it's why Trump now lives in Florida.

How anyone can believe that a guy who never, for even a single day, had as much as a 50% approval rating "really" won the election is beyond me.

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